Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wet n' Wild ColorIcon Eyeliner Swatches & Review

Now being featured in the new seventeen & People Style Watch magazines this month are the new Wet n' Wild coloricon eyeliners! With the how amazing wet n wilds coloricon palettes were through the last year, and the impressive quality i knew i needed to try these out! I didn't pick every color just the ones i knew i could personally use or that would be perfect for my teen clients!

Brand: Wet n' Wild Coloricon eyeliner
Pros: Affordable & inexpensive, Local stores, Long pencil, soft and lasting
Cons: Soft & breaks easily, hard to fit into standard makeup bags, can pull or run
My Personal thoughts: I purchased my eyeliners a week ago at walgreens for .69 cents each! YES A KILLER DEAL! This is a limited time offer so if you wanted to pick any up do so soon, this is a seventeen magazine exclusive offer in walgreens. Anyways i picked up the colors 657 Deep Blue, 650D Purple/Violet, 661C Amethyst, 659C Turquoise, 653E Cool Green, 654B Sky Blue, 656A White, 648 Taupe (eyebrow pencil). Again i didn't purchase the whole set just the ones i would use the most. I am seriously happy i picked these up and for the price they were a steal! The glide on so smooth and creamy, this also makes them super easy to blend & smudge for a more smokey look. The only draw back that kept re-occurring was because these pencils are so soft they tend to brake off easily as well; So sharpening them will occur more often ALTHOUGH the more shimmery liners didn't break off as fast as the more matte toned ones. Example deep blue breaks really easy compared to cool green.
End Result: I am very happy to add these to my collection & kit. They are fun and totally a easy way to add a pop of color to any look. I will be playing around with these more as well! 5 out of 5 stars for price, availability & quality!!


In order from left to right:
657 Deep Blue, 650D Purple/Violet, 661C Amethyst, 659C Turquoise, 653E Cool Green, 654B Sky Blue, 656A White, 648 Taupe (eyebrow pencil).

What do you guy think of the new coloricon eyeliners & brow pencils? have you had the chance to try them out yet, or what are you favorite colors?? So far my favorites are the amethyst, cool green & sky blue!


Disclaimer: All items featured & reviewed in this blog were purchased by me with my own earnings. These are my honest & truthful opinions from my own personal experiences with the products. I am not affiliated with any company.


Cydonian said...

The purple is gorrrgeous.

LoveNLipstick said...

they are def. work the .69 cents thats for sure!! haha

CoutureChick said...

I love them and for there price there pretty good.