Monday, March 28, 2011

ELF Cosmetics Concealer Overview & Review

Besides my obsession with bright lipsticks & lip glosses i will never stop looking for the perfect or best concealer. I started purchasing ELF concealers after countless drugstore fails. Here are my honest opinions and experience with the ones i purchased! enjoy!

Brand: ELF Cosmetics Corrector pencil & brush
Pros: inexpensive & affordable, pencil form, compact, color match is great
Cons: Online only as of right now, harder to blend, Thick, sipping cost, drying
My Personal thoughts: I purchased this concealer online during a promotional sale about 6 months ago in the color light for $3.00. This concealer pencil comes with a brush at the bottom and includes Salicylic Acid & Tea Tree Oil to clear blemishes and reduce scarring. My first impression was it was perfect to throw in my makeup bag and for travel. it doesn't melt easily and has a hard time blending it in. The brush i found pointless although it was a good idea, it was hard to clean after use and the concealer would just build up. As far as clearing blemishes & reducing scarring i didn't find it did either nor really help with reducing any pigmentation of scars or blemishes. This product crease horribly around my nose & under eye area. I found it to be a great concept but a fail product for me.
End Result: Basically the trash can, it wasn't a staple and even thought it was cheap and only $3.00 i wont be repurchasing this concealer. 

Brand: ELF Cosmetics  Corrective Concealer palette
Pros: Inexpensive & affordable, 4 shades, includes a brush, Compact with Great packaging, light weight
Cons: Sheer & light weight, Only 2 skin tone concealer shades, shipping cost
My Personal Thoughts: I purchased this corrective concealer palette online during a promotional sale for $3.00 6 months ago. I wanted to try a green & lilac(pink) concealer. This palettes is suppost to Brightens under-eye circles and neutralizes redness, its very sheer coverage and easy to blend. The actual concealer colors are kinda a light/medium & medium/dark, the lightest color is too dark for me unless I'm tan. It has a funny texture just like the Hard candy concealer palette sold at walmart. which this palette is basically the same thing but the hard candy has more skin tone shades to choose from. This is a good palette to have light blemishes or discoloration but not for full coverage! It also is very drying & creases horrible around my nose & under the eyes.
End Result: I give this palette 2 stars because i don't go for it ever and if i do its only for the green shade, which isn't often. So i most likely wont be repurchasing this concealer.

Brand: ELF Cosmetics Under eye concealer & Highlighter
Pros: Affordable 7 inexpensive, online & Target, compact, blend able, silky & soft
Cons: One color at store, only 3 shades, can crease
My Personal Thoughts: I purchased this under eye concealer at my local Target 2 months ago for $3.00 in the color light/glow. It took me awhile to finally purchase this item i wasn't sure i would like the highlight shade since its so light & white. I was pleasantly surprised how much i actually love both sides. I found that the concealer side is so soft & silky and totally blends perfectly with my finger. I also use it on top of cream concealers to smooth out the skin and for more coverage. This is a light weight concealer and i consider it a light-medium coverage that you can build up the coverage and use by itself. The highlight side is actually perfect for my skin tone and goes on almost like vanilla pigment by MAC. Of course its liquid and not as pigmented as the pigment but you can build it for the perfect highlight for you cheekbones, brow bones, bow or inner corner of the eyes. Its truly an amazing product.
End Results: 4 out of 5 stars because this product can crease BUT i will be repurchasing and in the other shades for clients! I highly recommend trying for $3.00

Brand: ELF All over Cover Stick
Pros: Affordable & inexpensive, clendable, Stick form & compact
Cons: Light Coverage, Creases, Drying, Online only/Shipping cost
My Personal Thoughts: I purchased this All over stick in the color Ivory for $1.00 online about 6 months ago. I first loved that this was so compact & small which makes it easy to throw in your makeup bag. However it is a dollar and i found it was really drying but i do have oily skin BUT around my nose & under my eyes it creased and make those areas look flakey. I personally use this on my chin & cheeks when i need extra coverage under my liquid foundation. It a great product for the price and i think its absolutley perfect for someone who doesnt need or wear alot of foundation or for teens who need to touch up there makeup after gym class.
End Result: I have purchased this twice now and unless i find something better by this company i will be repurchasing it again.

I haven't tried the mineral blemish.concealer powder yet which i have been interested in trying so i might have to take the plunge next time theres a free shipping sale. Have you tried any of these concealers or any of there other ones??
Let me know below!

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Disclaimer: All the items reviewed in this blog post were purchased by me with my own money and i was NOT contacted by the comapy to do a review. These are my personal opinions & experiences.


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