About Me

Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust, 
Makeup And Lipstick is more than a Crush!!

Hello Darlings! 
Im Ashley, an ALL things beauty obsessed girl living in the bay area of California! I am always on the look out for new Cosmetic lines, Tips, and Tricks! I love trying new things and what can i say i have an eye for anything that sparkles! From Lace, silk, pearls and Finger waves i have always been obsessed with vintage glamour besides my makeup addiction! This is the result of my company A Vintage Affair with Beauty. I freelance in my area & work with many fabulous photographers as well, i started in front of a mirror and ended up in the wedding business then expanded! I have met some amazing girls through blogging & joining the youtube community. Although i cant find enough time to edit and add new videos i am always communicating with them! Although my signature 1940-50's look is well known where im from, i am a HUGE horror, gore kinda gal! My ultimate goal is to go into Special effects, prosthetic & mask making! I am fascinated by aliens, the dead & creature creations in film, its truly and ultimate art form for a makeup artist!

Blogging my day by day journey to pure bliss! Every Life has a Story, this is my journey!