Sunday, January 30, 2011

NYX Lip & Eye Liner: Swatches & Review

I fell in love with finding the perfect matte fuchsia lip liner and matte eyeliners in the process i found some amazing alternatives to high end items for a low price. I was sick of always finding shimmery lip liners and shimmery eyeliners, i wanted to have a variety and more options to add to my collection.
Brand: NYX Pencil Lip Liners
Pros: Affordable, soft, easly glides on, highly pigmented, long lasting
Cons: selected stores or online, can stain lips/skin, prices vary
My Personal Thoughts: I purchased all my NYX Lip liners at my local Ulta during a promotional sale for around $4 each. theses are lip liner pencils not auto twist liners. These lip liners are extremely pigmented and the color pay off is amazing and glide on so smoothly. Like most drugstore brand lip liner pencils they cane be to hard and rough when applying, that isn't the case here. These are soft enough to glide on perfectly but hard enough not to break off after every use. The darker the lip liner the more the lip liner last, and these can stain your skin or lips for a few hours almost like a lip stain. I do retouch up after about an hour or two or after having a few drinks/eating. Most of the time i just re-apply my lipstick since these last a decent amount of time.
End Result: These are my new favorite lip liners, bloom & fuchsia are by far my favorite colors. I give these 5 stars and will be repurchasing backups!!
Website:,,, you can also google for other online/in stores.
From Left to Right on Bare Skin:
812 Plum, 817 Hot Red, 836 Bloom, 816 fuchsia, 839 Dolly pink, 840 Rose, 848 Flower

Brand: NYX Pencil Eye Liner
Pro: Affordable, Highly pigmented, glides one easily, variety, long lasting
Cons: price vary, online or select stores only, hard to transfer,
My Personal Thoughts: I picked up these NYX pencil eye liners at my local ulta for around $4 each. These are a pencil liner not an auto twist liner. i at first was not very impressed after using the NYX color purple (metallic) and it didn't transfer on top the eyeshadow very well or in my waterline. It was very sheer same with seafoam green. I had to build and build the color up before seeing the results i wanted. HOWEVER the matte eyeliners are fantastic and glide on like silk, i didn't have any problem with the color showing up or being sheer. The staying power for the waterline (for my eyes) isn't that long maybe an hour but on top of eye shadows/brows or face it last longer. These are great to have for any creative makeup artist especially if you like to do very detailed work. these are easily sharpened and not to soft where they continually keep breaking off.
End Result: I plan of picking more of the matte eyeliners up since they are beyond amazing for the price! i rate these 4 stars since the metallic ones are a bit sheer.
Website:,,, you can also google for other online/in stores.

From Left to Right on Bare Skin:
931 Black brown, 905 Silver, 917 Purple, 911 Emerald City, 908 Seafoam Green, 927 Acid Green, 930 Teal, 926 Electric Blue

Have you had the chance to try any nyx lip or eye liners? What color is your favorite? Let me know what you think!


Alex said...

great review i love nyx afordable and great quality :)

QueenBMakeup said...

OOO Great review! I will have to check out the matte eyeliners! I love nyx too so thanks! xoxo

she walks iin beauty said...

Great post! I'm adding some of these to my wish list! I have few lip liners and love them! My favorite NYX products are their eye shadows--they last ALL DAY LONG! Definitely one of my favorite brands. (:


Makeup Majesty said...

great post doll!! i've recently fell in love with NYX - affordable and the products are great! i can't get enough of the chubby eye liner pen, and the lip gloss! =)

Dylana Suarez said...

Beautiful colors!


Vandaleyez Makeup said...

Your blog is super cute!

Mademoiselle Chanel said...

Very beautiful color! I adore all of them.
Great review and swatches.
Good job girl, if u want visit my blog

socialitedreams said...

i love the look of the lip pencils! i am planning on buying some lipsticks from them tomorrow, can't wait :)


Marcy said...

I love nyx lip liners


All Made Up said...

Fantastic post! Though it makes me a teensy bit jealous cos I cant get NYX products here in Belfast unless I order online (always iffy with a brand you haven't really tried!) but I think I might invest in a couple of those eye liners cos the swatches look beautiful :)

Purple Eye Diamond said...

I love NYX products. I have all of their eye liner pencils now working on all lip liners!