Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jesse's Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dusts Affair: A Review

Glitter, Shimmer, Frost & Gold these eye dust are beyond out of control!! These amazing pigments are more than known and taking over the Internet, i personally have had these for a long time so i figured its about time i do a review! I don't own all of the colors i believe I'm missing 10 others but this is what the store had in stock when i went about a year ago!

Brand: Jesse's Girl Cosmetics
Pros: Affordable, High pigmentation, loads of product, Variety of color, blendable
Cons: online or selected store, only shimmer/glitters, lots of fallout, no pigment name on containers,
My Personal Thoughts: I purchased these eye dusts when i was visiting family at their local Rite Aid for $3.99 each. Although i am missing a few of the colors i am not disappointed with what i do have! These dusts come with a sifter and a screw tight lid that doesn't come loose easily, so you don't need to worry about loosing product that way! These are all shimmer pigments and some have glitter mixed in as well! even the white shadows have either a green or blue sheen to them so they create different effects with different colored shadows. These Dusts are amazing by themselves and hold there own, But you can also apply these wet & or over other eyeshadows to intensify any look! These dust are super fine and not chunky and blend very well, but watch out you will get alot of fall out so use proper techniques and have makeup remover wipes handy!! You can also go for a soft, sheer look with any of these colors as well, so they are very versatile!! As you can see when you first purchase them the come with a sticker on the side with the name of the pigment shade, i purchased some round stickers and labeled the bottom of mine shown in the picture above!

Compared to MAC these have less product in the jars, but same quality!
Compared to Glamour doll eyes & Heavenly Naturals jars these are almost triple the size and have waaaaay more product! although the other companies carry satins, mattes and pure glitter jesse's is a great alternative with there amazing shimmers!
End Result: hands down if i ran out of any of these colors i would repurchase, and will be getting the missing colors i don't have!! i rate these 4 1/2 stars!! these are a must own if you looove pigment & high end product for a low end cost!
Where to pick your up: or Check your local Rite Aid, not all Rite Aids have this in stock so call or double check!

Left to Right with NO primer or base:
Blue Moon, Blackstar Blue, Flambe, Mardi Gras, trouble Maker, Secret Weapon

Left to Right with NO primer or base:
Hi-Ho Silver, majestic Green, Key Lime, Sunlit cactus, Kiwi Rose

Left to Right with NO primer or base:
Cafe Au Lait, Indian Summer, Sunstone, sparkle gold

Any Questions please feel free to ask!
Do you own any Jesse's girl Products? What Eye Dust are your favorite or most used?



QueenBMakeup said...

OMG! I love Jesse's Girl! I'm going to be doin' a vday look with one of their pigments soon.. and I just love how they blend. They are so pigmented to & super affordable. I love them all! lol Great review I love your blog <3

ohyouprettythings said...

I just found your blog and Love it!! Great swatches! Ive never tried Jesse's girl! I guess I need to! :]

All Made Up said...

Never even heard of Jesses Girl products but I love this review cos I'm a massive fan of eye dusts and pigments! I think the sunstone and sparkle gold look stunning :)

My favourite are Dazzle Dusts by Barry M; they do so many fantastic colours and they last AGES ♥

Christina said...

WOW, what a great deal and those colors are absolutely awesome. By the way, just found your blog and love it!!

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