Monday, July 26, 2010

Blog-ject 365 - Day 2


     Today unlike any other day was filled with highs and lows, its the last day before my brothers go back to high school so my parents decided to take them out for the day with there 3 year old! Gold n games and TGI Fridays ended up being the end result. Go karts with my baby brother were the highlight of the night, he said it was a roller coaster ride and kept putting his hand in the air; it was soooo cute! I was extremely excited when i found out that we went to dinner during happy hour, so the ultimate electric lemonade and margaritas were ordered! How can you pass up a killer deal and a yummy drink, i just cant!

            I bought hair dye on the way home and before and after pictures will be taken since its a extreme high- lift blond i cant wait too see the results plus I'm lightening my eyebrows a bit. I must say being a blond and "aging" through the past year isn't fun I'm not use to now having dark roots, why cant i be 14 and have natural white roots again!! haha ok I'm not that old but it still bugs me...

How was every ones Sunday? And all you parents how excited are you to be sending your children back to school? I'm down visiting my family and i know its going to be alot quieter in the morning for me!
its too bad i no longer can go back to school shopping for myself, my favorite part was alway picking out new shoes and makeup! maybe i can make an exception for myself? yes?

While writing this blog, i listened too Runner Runner - "So obvious"

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