Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blog-ject 365- Day 3

Hello Darlings!
        Day 3 is a little late i didnt get home till after 12am so it indeed needed to be posted today! It sad to say but this week i am so emotionally stressed out my grandmother is going in for heart exam and most likely surgery so my mind has been absent! i NEEDED something to take my mind off everything so of course taking a visit to my best friend cheered me up! Our 5 hour convorsation and hang out felt like maybe 2! All in all it was just the icing on the cake! Plus i never get to see her since distance is an issue, but she did make my day!

        OK!! so i indeed dyed my hair and lightened my eyebrows ahhh! for years i have asked my hair stylist to dye my hair this blonde and she would always just give me a heavy weave of a light blonde. it was always frustrating, who wants highlights that grow out and look horrible and need to be re-done in 3 weeks. My hair grows so fast so i did it myself since cosmotology school its what im looking into now. Well i did it and couldnt be happier! Look out for pictures posting tomorrow!

                                 Super Cute Picture of The Day!

  While writing this entry, i was listening to New Politics - "Give Me Hope

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