Wednesday, February 1, 2012

HOW TO: Eyeliner for All Eye Shapes

For all my lovely follower who have not yet become addicted to the amazing world of Pinterest, here are some pretty awesome charts! I came across these through the endless hours i have spent on that website looking through millions of amazing, inspiring pictures!

 Eyeshapes according to your sign: Does your match up? 
Mine is Sagittarius and it pretty darn close!

DIY Winged Eyeliner chart: Super Helpful!

Designers Artistic point of view for eyeliner: Pencil or Liquid you choose!
A couple of these im dying to try

Different Eyeliner techniques on real eyes: 
These are so cool, right?!

I hope some of these bring answer your way when it comes to eyeliner mishaps or even inspire you to try something new! 



Brianna said...

I love the last collage! Maybe i'm biased because my eye is in it LOL (mine is on the right side, four eyes down). My eye shape would be Leo and it's so similar to mine! Holy moly!

WestiB said...

Wow. I love this blog post. So fun. Thanks foe inspiring me.

vaneza said...

Thanks so much!!! It was ver useful.

Joanne said...

I have reposted all of these pics in my tumblr and i really love trying them all out for myself. ;) But the Cancer eye shape is so much similar to mine so I'm happy. :)

Anonymous said...

The virgo look is spot on because I love to play up my eyes, they are my favorite facial feature, but I'm not brave enough to rock it except on very special occasions! I also really loved the Armani look because it's very ancient Egyptian and I am really into ancient Egypt. The pictures were very helpful and inspiring...I will definately have to try some of these looks!

Great blog! New Follower :)