Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Makeup Companies worth EVERY Penny!

As 2012 has begun i wanted to take a moment and reflect on some companies i literally cannot get enough of. I have picked 3 to spotlight this month due to there amazing & professional quality products!! Drum Roll Please.........

This company i discovered a couple months ago, they were moving from an etsy store to there very own website so i of course waited patiently and then like a bat out of hell ordered as much as i could! This company for being as new & raw as it is is SERIOUSLY professional! From there website all the way down to there pictures. The eyeshadows are so pigmented & i use them in ALOT of my professional photoshoots now. The size of the shadows are SOOO much bigger than normal companies who sell mineral eyeshadows & the prices is great! Bravo ladies, BRAVO! 

Ok i will be doing a HUGE thebalm series review because i have been such a fan since i was 14 years old. But until then here is a company i haven't ever shaken nor forgotten about! I purchased HOT MAMA & a duo eyeshadow/liner brush and my collection has grown since! This Spunky yet very hip Retro company never falls short; The packaging & incredibly clever concepts/names are to die for themselves. All there products are all versatile & true to there high quality pigmentation.  Like the company says 
"Whats Next?? Keep an eye out.. If we told you then everyone would be doing it"
well my eyes are peeled wide open!! I highly recommend everyone checking them out especially since i think they are underrated and they are such an amazing TOP OF THE LINE COMPANY!

I randomly came across this company on artfire looking for a new company that offered samples. I placed an order and wasnt sure how it was going to go.. WELL LADIES i am hooked! This company blew my mind with the amazing quality of the pigments & the prices were awesome! I used this companies pigments in a recent photoshoot that was a fairy theme, i knocked my client out of the park! She was stunned on just how beautiful all the colors were and how well they blended together for being foiled. Check them out!!

Have you ladies ever tried these companies?? If so Let me know what you think!!!


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~*~Lea~*~ said...

I use Concrete Minerals on a regular basis and I absolutely LOVE it. Daytime, night time, weekday or weekend, so many uses! LOVE LOVE LOVE Concrete Minerals!!!