Thursday, November 10, 2011

Concrete Minerals - Unique Mineral makeup Preview

Hellbent to create sexy, richly-pigmented mineral makeup that's not only healthy, but reminds us why being a girl is badass! We should never feel burdened by makeup, we should cherish the opportunity to play with it! CM products are bold, sexy and unique, just like the girls who love us!

Concrete Minerals products contain no nonsense, commonly referred to as:
:: Parabens
:: Fragrances
:: Dyes
:: Nano-particles
:: Bismuth Oxychloride, Talc or other cheap fillers

This company i found "WOOOHOOO" on facebook during Halloween! They had an AMAZING Zombie Girl tin kit (which i missed out on :( !!) but i had to see what they were offering. Not only was i IMMEDIATELY impressed the day i received my package but i rushed back online to place a bigger order Heres a sneak preview of my sample pack while im waiting on my order!!  
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In the pictures above there is 1 full size jar with the label & 5 sample jars. The full size jar is ALOT larger and jam packed with gorgeousness!! Concrete minerals picks a "color of the week" which  is a full size eyeshadow for $4.99 (normally $6.99) the samples you can get for $9.99 for 4!

Colors from left to right: Vanity (shimmery gold) Lithium (silver) Wicked (purple with blue glitter undertone) Hearts (semi-matte red) Mad Hatter (deeper redish purple undertone) Arsenic (dark purple with slight blue shimmer) 

side note: Mad Hatter & Arsenic are VERY similar to each other but both make gorgeous smokey eye shades for looks as well!

I am very very pleased with the colors i have picked, these can be foiled or worn by themselves and the pigmentation will still be incredible (foiling will always make any shadow brighter). They glide on and seriously pack a punch of color! What makes this company even better is its a Vegan based company based out of California. Im born and bread in Cali so i can appreciate a local company, and i also prefer most of the time to purchase items made out of my state to support the local growth & economy out here, so it was a double plus for me! For the size of the products the prices are seriously a great deal! Dont miss out on this company! i have quite a few new colors coming in the mail soon! So this was a SNEAK PEEK! Please stay tuned for looks and a full swatched blog!

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