Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cheers to woman around the world! MUST READ!

"For the woman out there that go to bed with wandering thoughts, hopeless wishes, curious intuitions and plan damn doubt! CHEERS! We deserve a recognition damn it! For all the assholes that leave us hanging, for the people who only want to "use" us, for the head games, cheating basters and soul sucking little dicks out there.. Cheers ladies! Thats right Cheers! Ill do so very classy with a cocktail in my hand.. and they say im not a poet.. shame on you! " -Ashley Combs
Its true ladies not only do we have to worry about our boobies getting cancer but we go to bed worrying about things most of the time for no reason! (MOST of the time) Being a single woman in this day an age gets to me sometimes! I want to be married and have a family one day, but my hopeless romantic heart has dropped the romantic part and become more Hopeless wishing's for a better today, SO CHEERS! Someone needs to say it to us ATLEAST once a day! i mean really i thought high school was rough.
I love being a woman, i love my over bearing mind that thinks i need to over analyze every little detail. I love the way i feel when i slide in a new pair of high end shoes or even underwear i picked up from target. I love being this creature that has this much power and creativity. I think all woman should! So when you ever get down or have a doubt in your mind that your not worth it, to him, her, your job, whatever! CHEERS! We are worth ever kiss on the hand, every nod of approval, & even every complement regardless of what were doing. We are a loving breed, one of us has to be! 

From my heart out to yours. I say were worth it! 
P.S. For all the people out there that spend millions of dollars on porn, topless shows and lets face it any and every change to see some tits. take a $20 out and donate, trust me its worth it! 


All Made Up said...

This has gotta be the most awesome anti-cosmo-mag post I've read in ages :)

I like you hopeless romatic attitude... too many women settle for less than they deserve but I can't help thinking you'd never fall into that category ♥

P.S. Cheers

sj said...

I love this!