Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick Swatches

OK ladies so i totally feed my obsession this week at my local walgreen! If you haven't heard Rimmel London Cosmetics is 50% off this week so i decided to pick up some liners, foundations, and of course more lipsticks! Before this week i only owned one lipstick called Pink Blush, which is a perfect light barbie pink for me and i thought it discontinued since i haven't seen it in awhile BUT they indeed have it!
So if you have the chance pick up any Rimmel products 50% off at your local walgreens the sale ends soon!

Pink Blush, Airy Fairy, In Vogue, Alarm

Brand: Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick
Pros: Affordable, Long lasting, highly pigmented, Great scent, available everywhere
Cons: Can be drying, cap is always loose, not long lasting
My Personal Experience: I purchased my first rimmel lipstick about 2 or 3 years ago from my local target in the color pink blush for around $5. I purchased these four lipsticks at my local walgreens this week for $2.64 each during a 50% off sale. I love love love the creamy fruit smell these lipsticks have which is why i purchased them in the first place. They are HIGHLY pigmented and with one swipe you get perfect even color! These are very soft and creamy and soo smooth during application. The company clams this is long lasting and will last up to 8 hours, unfortunately that isn't the case here. Although your not going to be re-applying a bunch of times this still needs to be touched up a few times during the day. Also applying a chapstick or lip conditioner is more ideal so your guaranteed not to have dried flaky looking lips. As you can tell my color range i picked out are the standard pinks, fushia & red all my favorites. i have worn each of these this week and of course i couldnt be happier walking around looking like im wearing a $20 lipstick for $3.. umm killer steal!
End Result: I will be replacing these once they get low, they are a great addition to my lipstick mania collection and for the price you can but multiples for one MUFE lipstick.


In order from left to right:
Pink Blush, Airy Fairy (slight shimmer), In Vogue, Alarm

Do any of you have these colors, or any of these lipsticks? Any other colors i should check out! Let me know what you think!!



Miss A said...

Pink Blush looks lovely - oooh I've got to get it!


Vanessa said...

Hi just found your blog and I love it :) glad I found you I'm looking forward to stopping by often :)