Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Massive Drugstore Foundation Review: Liquids

Finding a good Drugstore foundation can be haunting, wasteful & full of surpises! I have been obsessed with finding a new afforable foundation i love that gives me the finish youth glow im always looking for! Here are 7 Drugstore foundations i have been testing out for the past few months & weeks, including my pro & con list! i will be doing a pressed powder review as well.

This Review is based on my own personal opinion & My skin. I have Oily/combination skin that is acne prone.. Moistly just oily though :)
Maybelline New York FIT Me! Foundation:
Company Claims: Blends seamlessly, Lets skin breath,  Matches Natural Skin tone.
My color: 120 - Classic Ivory
Pros: Affordable, Contains spf 18, Soft light scent, blendable, light- medium coverage
Cons: No pump, oily shiny finish, must build coverage, doesnt last,
My Personal Thoughts:
I purchased this glass bottled foundation for $6.99 at my local target i tried it for the next several days and was disapointed everyday! This foundation felt like foundation on my skin which i normally hate. Plus my T zone and cheeks were a mound of an oily shin disaster is the best way i could put it. This foundation applies as a light coverage foundation and a little bit goes along way, even with a light hand my face felt "wet" for several minutes after. I would apply my setting powder on top to help absorb or set the foundation but even that didnt help at all! Plus this foundation doesnt last more than a few hours before i started to see patches on my face.. um no!
End Result: Not for Oily/acne prone skin and i will not be repurchasing this foundation i give it 2 stars for effort. Great for normal to dry skin tones.

Maybelline New York Super Stay 24hr Foundation
Company Claims:Withstands heat, sweat and humidity, No transfer & wont rub off, Flexible, breathable & all day comfort, oil free, non pore clogging

My Color: Classic Ivory
Pros: Affordable, medium - full coverage, light scent, semi-matte finish,
Cons: No pump, streaks, drys fast, doesnt last 24hrs
My personal Thoughts: I purchased this glass bottled foundation for around $8 at my local ulta and used about half of the bottle before i tossed this out. my first impression was it was a wonderful foundation that applies well & gives me a matte finish without wearing to much concealer. When appling this foundation you have to be alot quicker than normal and it will give you streaks & lines if you dont be careful! But after a few weeks i kept noticing streaking or build up in the few fine lines i have after a couple hours of wear. If i tried to touch up i began to look cakey, sadly its not a 24hr foundation but that would have been nice!
End Result: Great for oily/combination or normal skin and or for a more matte finish, i might be re-purchasing this foundation and give it 3 stars.
Maybelline New York Dream Matte Mousse
Company Claims: air-soft, perfect matte finish coverage, weightless feel
My Color: #0 Light (Light Ivory)
Pro: Affordable, small, compact, matte finish, buildable
Cons: Weird smell, creates a dry skin look, drys out fast
My Personal thoughts: I purchased this glass containered foundation at my local walgreens for around $9. I was extremely excited to have a matte foundation that claimed to give the perfect matte look, and infact it does! Its a medium coverage that you can build easily, and the small glass container comes in is easy to throw in your purse and go. Im not sure if i like the mousse formula, its interesting and kinda well weird! Another down fall to this foundation is around my mouth & Nose i look extremely dry & flakey from this formula even with lotion or a face primer. i have noticed it can dry out fast especially if you dont fully close the container.
End Results: Great foundation to have for everyday wear, i would re-purchase this foundation unless i find something better and rate it 4 stars.
Revlon Colorstay Combination/Oily Foundation
Company Claims:16 hours, lightweight, comfortable feel, SoftFlex® Formula, oil free shine control
My Color: 110 ivory
Pros: Affordable, light weight, semi-matte, long wear
Cons: No pump, color match is off, long drying time
My Personal Thoughts: I purchased this glass bottled foundation for around $9 at my local target. I wanted to try it out after hearing and the "jazz" and how amazing it was. i first was very disapointed to find the color match is off and my shade is a little to light and the next color up is way to dark so i dont go for this foundation ever because i feel self concious about the color match. It does well for oily skin although i still did get my oily spots show through during the day, but that is expected. It does help give me the matte finish im looking for with a powder on top!
End Result: A great buy from a reliable company, i would repurchase this foundation but my fingers are crossed the fix the foundation colors and i give this foundation 4 stars!
Neutrogena Skin Clearing Oil Free Foundation
Company Claims: Wont clog pores, controls shine with natural looking coverage, rapidly cuts through oil for fast acne relief
My Color: #10 Classic Ivory
Pros: Affordable, includes salicylic acid, light smell, blendable, medium coverage
Cons: No Pump, Very small container
My Personal Thoughts: I purchased this small glass bottle from my local target for around $8. I madly fell in love with this foundation as soon as i used it! It is by far the best purchase out of all of the foundations i have tried. Its a flawless application and finish and gives me a matte finish and helps control my oily skin through out the day. This liquid formula is very light & not to heavy and with the salicylic acid it keeps the blemishs away and dont dry out my skin. The only down fall is when your getting low its hard to get the foundation out plus theres no pump so its more messy.
End Result: I have repurchased this foundation over and over! I rate it 4 1/2 stars and recommend it to anyone who had oily/combination or acne prone skin.
Rimmel London Stay Matte +Skinpure Complex
Company Claims: 12 hour wear, oil free, shine control, helps soothe sensitive skin, non-acengenic, fragrence free & paraben free
My Color: #100 - Ivory
Pros: Affordable, Long wear, matte, All skin types, compact,
Cons: Wrong color, hard to blend,
My personal Thoughts: I purchased this foundation at my local walgreens for $4 on sale. I of course was excited to try another foundation that claimed to be a matte formula, which this does a very lovely job for the price! The biggest down fall is the color match; i purchased the lighest color and it make my face almost a yellow orange tint which isnt good at all, it is just to dark so i of course need a different shade. I also found that the best way to apply this foundation as is with a sponge (face squares) since it dries so quickly and you need to blend it in more than other foundations. Since this is a newer foundation im keeping my fingers crossed for new colors!
End Results: Great oil free matte foundation for all skin types 7 i would love to repurchase this foundation if a lighter color came out! I rate this 4 stars.
 Wet n Wild Intuitive Blend Shade Adjusting Foundation & Primer
Company Claims: starts out white & adjust to your perfect shade,semi-matte finish, silky flawless finish
My Color: #175-Fair
Pros: Affordable, light weight, blendable, compact, smooth surface, face feel soft
Cons: Very sheer, watery, weird plastic smell
My Personal thoughts: I purchased this foundation/primer at my local walgreens for $2 on sale (50% off). I was excited to try this since it has a primer in it! What i found was this is a primer with small foundation beads inside. The best way to apply this was to use my fingers and break up the beads and apply all over. This is almost a sheer foundation and i use this more as a primer since it is such a light coverage. For the price this primer is fantastic and give a flawless matte surface for foundation or a powdered foundation! If you use to much of this it will "rub" off or start to flake when applying something on top so a little does go along way.
End Result: I will be repurchasing this as a primer not a foundation, it is fabulous for the price and i rate it 4 stars!

What drugstore foundation do you use or have liked in the past? I would love to try something new & to review!!


All Made Up said...

Awesome post! I really adore the Maybelline superstay 24hr and revlon colorstay but absolutely hate the dream matte mousse... I love reading about how foundations work for others and you covered pretty much every questions I'd have about these! :)

Tracy D said...

I love the Rimmel Stay Matte...great post! Have you tried the Dream Smooth Mousse, I love that one too, didn't try the Dream Matte but I have heard a few negative reviews.

EricaErotica said...

I love the dream matte mousse. I have been using it for years. I do agree that it has the flaky effect around the nose though. Thats a bit annoying. Other than that it works great for me though.

Shaz said...

I tried out the Rimmel Match Perfection! Works really well for me..my skin is really sensitive to any makeup, I start breaking out. This foundation gives such a natural effect, do try it out!