Tuesday, November 30, 2010

TKB Freelance Palettes: A Review

My trusty 15 slot MAC Palette had snapped recently which is the 2nd time it has happened for me. I soon kept saying to myself why do i keep buying them when after a year or two the plastic hinges snap? Well when i came across a youtube video featuring TKB Wholesales i decided to take a look and see what they offered.
JUST LOOK WHAT I FOUND! These are magnetic freelance palettes for any eyeshadow or blush pan for only $4.50 each! YES $4.50 each! AHHHH

Compared to the small MAC Cosmetics 4 shadow pan you can see this palette is alot bigger, and thicker width wise. Not to mention it hold 9 MAC Eye shadows as shown here, instead of the standard 4. Talk about saving space & money all in one! I have put this palette in my purse & Travel cosmetic cases without a single nick or shattered eyeshadow (thank the high heavens!!)

Shown here i emptied two MAC 15 slot eyeshadow palette and one MAC 4 slot eyeshadow palette and i still have room for 3 more eyeshadow. Needless to say i will be purchasing more of these palettes! I can hold these palettes upside down & shake or wiggle them and i havent had any eyeshadow fall out, just like my MAC palettes! its been a couple weeks & i have not had any problems yet!

Compared to the Z Palettes (which i don't own one yet) They are alot smaller than there small palette. But comparing the two from reviews i have watched & pictures from websites and there descriptions they are the same thing! I am actually glad i got these smaller ones because you can do ALOT with 9 different shadows instead of taking 2 or 3 different palettes on vacation! Plus this product on the TKB website got amazing review, plus the price of course i just couldn't resist myself!

Would i be purchasing more? ummmm YES!! ASAP too!
A minimum order of $19.50 is required to check out which is NOT BAD at all! I purchased 4 palettes & a blending brush! i received my package within 3 days of ordering and the communication for this company is just splendid!


All items in this Blog post were purchased by me with my own earnings. I am not sponsored nor affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in the post. These are my honest opinions & experiences!

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