Friday, September 24, 2010

A Bite into The Vampire Diaries

As a long time fan of the book series i just adore "The Vampire Diaries" its a great spin off of them but nothing like the books at the same time. With that said I do just LOOOOOVE the writers take this season its alot better than last season and every ones role is way more exciting! Caroline was made to a Sexy blond vampire, i mean GET OUT! LOVE IT! But there is just one aspect of the show that is getting a tad bit old for me... Damon. Why is it the writers seem to keep him in pain, i mean i do know why but DAMN cant he have one woman on his side. Paul and Ian totally make vampires in all the other series i have watched normal. These two are beyond expression, i don't think the words hot, sexy come even close to how gorgeous these two are. *daydreams a bit* i mean come on edward cullen is hot in all but look at those men in those pictures, yeah and they shower.... DAILY! hahahaha ok maybe that was wrong! HAHAHHA

Also the whole almost 9 minutes of commercials are irritating so i just now record the series so i can fast forward and not waste 30 minutes of commercials since we all know that's about how long they all are put together. SHAME ON YOU! but i still cant stop watching! Until next Thursday I'm just going to have to settle look at these pictures ;)
                                                               XOXO & FANGS

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