Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vintage Vanities Throughout Time: The Art Behind the style

In Western art, vanity was often symbolized by a peacock; In Biblical terms, by the Whore of Babylon. In secular allegory, vanity was considered one of the minor vices. During the Renaissance, vanity was invariably represented as a naked woman, sometimes seated or reclining on a couch. She attends to her hair with comb and mirror. Ironic how the word vanity became associated more with an actual modern day piece of furniture today, but it was looked upon as a woman grooming herself in front of a mirror in the renaissance era. As a child i was obsessed with the illusion of a beautiful table top full of glass bottles, silver brushes & combs, and gorgeous black & white pictures. I find inspiration in the fine painted vases & light fixtures from the past, it was true craftsmanship and the hand painted pieces truly are one of a kind!
Vanities are not just hand crafted wooden furniture anymore, even throughout the years mirror vanities, plastic or tile were used to create a different illusion to this classic piece. Even in some pictures below fabric was used to change an average table into a lavish makeup haven! Not only is the actual vanity a creation of its own, the chair or bench was just as important to tie in the whole look.

Through films the art of decorating a vanity became more elaborate during the 1920's-1960's as the glamour years were booming. Of course not every vanity was the same nor full of fine china & one of a kind diamonds, but the same concept has stuck! I do feel that due to our new decorating styles that have taken over, have diminished the art of a vanity. Simple, clean lines & clutter free bathroom counters and vanities are taking over. I understand that my style is eclectic and very new age retro and not everyone will agree to my clutter zone vanity, but i cant deny how it makes me feel. As a beauty addict show casing some of my favorite items on a vanity keeps me inspired and motivated!

What is your vanity style? 

Here are some gorgeous Hollywood vanity setups with some of the most 
influential woman of our time!

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Soma Seven said...

I've just upgraded to a larger vanity table, and you have no idea how much I enjoyed this post! There's something quintessentially feminine about the vanity, and it's such a beautiful and personal space that I consider giving myself "me time" when I sit down. Great post! <3

Ash said...

I am dying to have a big vanity like any of those! great post!

Tracy D said...

I need a glamorous vanity in my life, I love the photos you chose!

Anonymous said...

SO IN LOVE, I cant wait to have one of my very own Vintage Vanity..LOVE UR blog..x0x0

Beth Br00tality said...

This is a beautiful post. It made me very happy.