Thursday, December 2, 2010

L'oreal HIP Creme Eyeliner: THE TRUTH!

L'oreal HIP Creme Eyeliner in Eggplant #960

I purchased this eyeliner 4 months ago and was so excited to have a shimmery purple eye liner since all i have are black & brown. As you can see in the picture i have been using it and kept trying to use this like all the other creme/gel liners i have. I was seriously mislead by all the youtube gurus (once again) who raved about this product.

Wanna know the truth! This Creme Liner is horrible! the color comes off a shimmery black with purple glitter almost it seperates while applying and smears. Once dryed it cracks and flakes everywhere! In the picture above you can see how its starting to dry up and now doesnt even touch the side of the jar and its only been 4 months. This is a purchase i regret & will not be re-purchasing, in fact its going straight to the garbage can once i am done with this review.

I tried once more to use this liner last night after spraying some Fix + inside the jar which worked once with a paint pot i didnt shut all the way. it was the same problem except this time it would barley come off the brush and just fall in clumps onto my cheeks & chest. BLAH!

So now i am going to look for a new liner in purple so i can do more than black winged out liner. its a bummer this product did not do nor react like it was suppost to! Hope this help you all with choosing a new creme liner! im sticking with gel!



MsGlitterazzi said...

Physicians Formula gel liners AMAZING! and super creamy!!!

Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover said...

Awwww that sucks :/ I've never tried these eyeliners. My fave ones are the Elf Studio Cream Eyeliners :) Nice and cheap :)

Btw new follower here, would you mind checking out my blog too? :)


Sister Amber said...

I didnt like this product when I bought it (it was a long time ago...I dont buy from that company any longer) but it was kind of opposite for me. It didnt dry up or flake, it just seemed like it never set on my eyes and creased REALLY badly. Mine was just back though, maybe the glitter is a different formula