Monday, November 29, 2010

2 ELF Holiday Palettes Review: Get Yours Today!!!

ELF Holiday Palettes in 32 Eyeshadow Palette & the Smoky Edition! I picked up both these gorgeous looking palettes at Target a month ago each for $5.00! For the price and the amount of shadows you receive in each palette it was a steal especially in this economy! I had High expectations for both since i adore the Brighting Eye Color Quads that are only $1.00

ELF 32 Eyeshadow Palette

As you can see this palette has a range of colors & textures; From Shimmer, Metallic's & matte! The Palette itself is a hard plastic container with a mirror at the top of the palette. It comes with two double side sponge applicators (only showing one). At first i was NOT impressed with how some of these shades swatched or came off on my skin tone, i literally set it aside for a week. I soon tried this palette again saying to myself it was only $5.00, i used the browns and bronzes at the top right corner. I was seriously wrong to set this palette aside and get mad! These colors are very pigmented, easily blend able, and a compacted palette that can easily be thrown into your purse or luggage. There are only 6 Matte shades and the lightest one is more of a yellow tones creme, which is too dark for my brow bone highlight which is a disappointment but can be used on the lid or inner corner. In all This palette is a must for anyone who love to have it all in one palette!


ELF The Beauty Encyclopedia SMOKY Edition Palette! This palette i was more excited to purchase i love products that are designed for a certain look and come with a guideline. This palette is perfect for anyone who is a beginner at the smokey eye or have a hard time trying on other colors besides black, gray & brown. There are 2 matte shadows and the rest are shimmer & metallic's. What really caught my eye when i saw this set was the gorgeous teal in the 2nd row and the really pretty silver shadow on the top row at the end. It comes in a hard cardboard box with foam around the shadows & includes 1 Black eye liner pencil and one Double ended sponge applicator. From the greens to blues even to blacks these colors are so pigmented and can be used with any other eyeshadow to make a staple look! I highly recommend this palette!!! i can use it for a classic pin up look, a retro pop bright eyes, or a dark sexy smokey eye.

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Disclaimer: All products in this were purchased by me at my local target branch, I am not affiliated by any company nor store mentioned in this review. These are my honest thought, opinions and experiences with these products!

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