Friday, October 15, 2010

Queen Of The Sky (Lightning) Halloween Look 2010

Queen of the Sky-Lightning was such a fun look to create! it took about 4 hours but i kept getting distracted by the scary movies that were on tv! The key to this look is HEAVY blending!!!!! on top of the whole lightning area i covered in 2 different blue glitters it look soooooo cool but sadly the camera couldnt pick it up :(

Kryolan  aqua color: pure white (for lightning bolts)
Wet 'n wild Glitter Liner: Aqua-out only for halloween (lighting bolts)
NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow pencil: MILK (lid to brow)
MAC P/P: Painterly
88 eyeshadow pallete: Black, Dark blue, Medium blue, Purplish blue, Sky blue, light blue
Urban Decay Matte eyeshadows: Yeyo & revolver
Cheap walgreens white face paint $3.99
E.L.F. Liquid liner: Black
Cargo Texas Mascra: Black
E.L.F Lipgloss: flirt mixed with a meduim blue shadow
Cosmetic Glitter in aqua blue & Jewel marine Blue (made by me)
Blue jewels from Micheals craft store (eyelash glue)

I hope you enjoyed! Any other look you would like to see or have me film for youtube PLEASE leave them below!!! Also Please let me know what you all think <3
Sugar Skull Inspired look coming up this weekend!!!

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Nadia said...

wow how cool is that!?! Amazing