Sunday, August 1, 2010

5 NOT so healthy facts to break

5 healthy beauty facts that arnt so heathy at all!

Bathing: Showering and taking baths are both delightful and pretty necessary, but all that warm water destroys your skin's lipid barrier and sloughs off its top protective layer. The solution? Take short showers, and keep your water warm or tepid — never hot.
Shampooing: Unless you have the finest, thinnest hair around, shampooing every day may be making your scalp oilier and drying your hair out at the same time. Try shampooing every couple of days instead. Your scalp may initially be oilier, but after a couple of weeks, it should find a more natural balance.

Exfoliating/shaving: Both of these can be very bad irritants and may cause inflammation if you have naturally sensitive skin.

Drinking water: Staying hydrated is important, but drinking tons of water doesn't actually make your skin better. Too much can leave you looking puffy and bloated.

Using straws:Trying to protect your teeth from the acid in soda is a noble goal, but when you purse your lips around a drinking straw, you're actually creating lines around your mouth the same way a smoker does with cigarettes. Use a glass (and cut down on the soda while you're at it).
   I never thought of these 5 methods this way, but how true is this! Found on popsugar!


Katastrophic said...

Great post. I will try not to use straws :)

I think by smiling so much, I have caused lines too :( I should remember to reduce the width of my smile.

LoveNLipstick said...

hahaha im like barbie in toy story 2 at the end i smile so much my cheeks always hurt ;)

♔ E ♔ said...

Wow, i never knew that about straws.. thanks! :)xo

Makeup Majesty said...

great post, love your site! xo