Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Need your help! Plus Questions Answered!!!!

Hello Loves!!

I am dearly sorry its been since october since i have posted my last videos on my new channel Lovenlipstick for all who didnt know. Like i said before i got my dell laptop fixed and it worked wonderful for all my new videos Then 3 batterys and 15 power cords later it crashed and was unfixable. Damn dells!!

Long story short it took awhile for me to save for a better and nicer computer! Well this month i got a new HP computer with windows vista (which im not to fond of yet!!) YAYAYAY! I also upgraded to a kodak camera instead of a casio so im hoping i will be able to post better pictures since the zoom is WAY better, i was so surpised. Thank you target for having the best electronic sale literally got 45% off my camera!! EEEEEEEEH!

BUUUUUT I will offically be back in less than 2 weeks i would have to say. i have shot over a weeks worth of videos but im still trying to complete my intro but i am not sure what too do yet... Any ideas??

Also i would like to know would you guys prefer me to post my videos on my Original channel Redtruckbabe04 or my newer channel LoveNLipstick? i got alot of mixed emotions about me changing channels please let me know!!

Ok so here are some Questions i get e-mailed to me ALOT?!

What does your screen name mean?
Redtruckbabe04- High school nickname from people who didnt know my name. i would ALWAYS get "oh yeah your the girl with the big red truck (it was a red 2004 F-150 haha) so it kinda stuck
LoveNLipstick- it basically looks like loven lipstick but its suppost to be love and lipstick but it was taken so i just came up with a capital N. because all our beauty gurus on youtube are all full of love and always wearing lipstick.

How old are you?
im 22 and born in december of 87!

Married, Taken or single?
I am currently happly being single, and never been married and have no kids! Im the oldest of 5 children so im in no rush haha

Do you wear contacts??
NOPE! nor glasses. i was blessed to have a mother with light ice blue eyes which i got as well.

Natural Hair colour?
Until i was about 14 i had natural white blonde straight hair and the older i get the more wavy and darker it gets. im naturally a light blonde but i dye my hair dirty blonde in the winter to help with my complexion, summers the best time to be platnuim blonde!

Why did you start filming videos?
I under went a pretty nasty knee surgery and i had NOTHING to do so i came across youtube and all the lovely ladies on youtube like: Natneagle, xsparkage, allthatglitter21, and twixtbettwixt. after that i started filming as i sat on the floor with a knee brace from my hip to my ankle and started my channel redtruckbabe04. bet you didnt realize that!!

Where did you learn to do makeup?
I wasnt allowed to wear makeup till the 9th grade and once i was able to it was clear or brown mascara and blue, pink, yellow, or white eyeliner never any dark colours so i became obsessed with makeup as soon as i was able to wear whatever i wanted too. i would stay up till 1 or 2 am in high school just playing with makeup and i only used sponge applicators because i never knew you could use a brush. My junior year in 2004-2005 i was inrtoduced to MAC Cosmetics and i was doomed since hahaha!!

How can you afford all your makeup?
While other people have shoe or starbucks obsessions or just splurge on that i slurge on finding a good deal on makeup. I love to find thing that are just as good as the name brand items, plus i save! if you put away all your change for a year in a jar or maybe put $5-20 in your savings account every month by the next year youll have enough money to slurge on whatever your heart wishes for. Mines Glitter ;)

Your Favorite Brand to purchase?
I love to buy from MAC, Urban Decay, Benefit & Nyx. they are always what i go back to when im looking for something new
My favorite place to shop is Ulta because they always have the best deals, GWP and coupons!!

What I currently use almost every day or every other day (FOR NOW!)
Foundation: Pur minerals powder in "Light"
Blush: Benefit "Hoola" and "Dallas"
Lipstick: Urban Decay "Rush" or Benefit "Good to go"
EyeLiner: UD Liner in "Crash" or Buxom LashLiner in "leatherette"
Parfume: B&BW in "Twilight woods" or Michael Kors "Very Hollywood"
Nailpolish: I normally stick with Anything By OPI

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