Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Miss Ash is back... FINALLY!

So yes i have been MIA for how many months..
BUT good news i am excited to say that i will be coming back with new videos requested by my viewers and my poll winning catagory... INDEED Famous & Inspiring Celebrities!
*Round of applause please ;)*

so if you have a Certain celeb you like me to do or have a picture of them send it to me or post it on here!
So why have i been MIA?
well the deal is my laptop that is only 3 years old stopped charging and indeed i have bought atleast 10 new chargers so i am waiting for the word to see if it is fixable or sellable at all because i really want an HP anyways.. I HATE DELL NOW! BUT if it is fixable it has to be dumped and i have to re-download everything including the 2500 songs i had on itunes plus all the purchaded crap! *rolls eyes*

I will be doing an inspired Twilight/New Moon Video series after the launch of the twilight make-up line come out! i just hope they make enough because the anticipation of this line plus the movie is going to make it sell out fast *TEAR* YES im a TWIHARD! this part is the most exciting for me AHHH! i am still kinda peeved that i have to wait a year for eclipse and oh another year for breaking dawn :( oh well
Anywho i am editing and shooting videos on my New Camera that i finally get to use! stay on the look out for the video on my youtube account and the pictures on here with all the detail!

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Pixie Beauty said...

As soon as I heard the words Twilight and Make-up I heard my credit card sigh. If it had eyes to roll, it would.