Sunday, December 21, 2008

My 88 Makeup Palette STEAL!!

I Finally Did It!!

I bought The 88 Palette i have been dying to get! We all know has very cheap & amazing products but i CANNOT see myself paying 10.18 or higher for shipping ummm No thank you. So i did a little research and found mine on ebay and with Shipping & insurance I am only paying $22.00 total!! I got the Half matte & Half metalic/Shimmer palette and i am so excited. For all you ladies who REALLY want one be sure to do your research i know for only $5.00 more you could get a 120 palette but i was happy with the 88 to start out with since i am DYING to get the netural palette!! I thought i would share my amazing buy i am so proud of haha!! Also let me know How the Gel liners are at and i am wanting to buy some!!



Kay said...

smart you, i paid full price..... i barely use it =|

Genn said...